Rehab & Lymphedema



Helping you to improve your ability to do the things you used to do, and want to do again.

We work with persons of all ages, from toddlers to elders.

“I’ve seen dramatic results from Donna’s expert care.  She is a skilled practitioner who is not only knowledgeable but also compassionate and insightful~ highly recommend!” ~ Sam G.

Clinical Services

Lymphedema Center - Is dedicated to both the treatment and support of patients with lymphedema, and to expanding the awareness and knowledge of the condition among medical professionals and the community at large.

Our team includes Certified Lymphedema Therapists who are also certified garment fitters for all compression garments.  The center offers manual lymphedema drainage and decongestive therapy as well as soft tissue work for fibrosis. 

We teach caregivers and lymphedema patients how to perform appropriate exercises to promote normal range of motion and strengthening

We will also provide consultation regarding proper compression for bandaging and garments

Additionally, we have experience with many compression pumps and can offer resources in determining which pump is best for your daily home program. 

In the near future we will also be offering lymphedema exercise and support groups.

We are a member of the National Lymphedema Network.  

Physical Therapy - Our physical therapy staff offer traditional physical therapy including manual therapy, pain reduction modalities, strengthening programs, sports conditioning and spinal rehab and back care.

Our team also specializes in treating spinal injuries, vertigo, fibromyalgia, torticollis, and post-surgical diagnosis including but not limited to spine, total joint replacements, shoulders, hands, knees and hips.

We also specialize in women's health, incontinence, migraines and chronic pain.

Our team is qualified to evaluate and cast for orthotics and has also assisted many triathletes and marathoners in the past.

Occupational Therapy - We offer upper extremity rehab including shoulder/elbow/wrist and hand therapy. 

Our clinic offers all the most effective treament approaches including modalities for pain reduction, home exercise programs and one-on-one exercise training to improve your recovery and prepare you to return to independence in your self-care and care of your home and work activites. 

Ergonomic and work-site evaluations are available as well as work-site modifications.  

We also have many resources to provide you with adaptive equipment, splints or protective garments to promote independence and joint protection in all self-care, home, work and sports activities. 

 Worker's Compensation Rehab.  This includes helping you and your employer with a return to work plan, and to get back to work as soon as possible. 

We work with your employer to make sure that you are able return to gainful employment as quickly as possible.

Depending upon your particular injury, the programs that we design and implement with you may integrate Physical and/or Occupational Therapy programs including:

-  Hand therapy,

 - Back and neck school,

 - Carpal tunnel,

 - Cumulative trauma prevention,

 - Work-site evaluation, work-site modifications, functional capacity evaluation,

We also provide injury prevention and safety programs including:

-  Pre-placement screenings for employers,

 - Carpal tunnel prevention,

 - VDT:computer safety and work injury prevention classes,

 - Workplace and ergonomic assessments. 

We accept all worker's compensation insurance including:

The Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Sedgwick, Arrowpoint Capital and more!

Speech Therapy Our speech therapy program is presently offerred on an as-needed basis and includes all the traditional treatments for patients from young adults and older persons.