Physical Therapy

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Conditioning Exercise

Adaptive Devices

Our physical therapy staff offer traditional physical therapy including manual therapy, pain reduction modalities, strengthening programs, sports conditioning and spinal rehab and back care.

Our team also specializes in treating spinal injuries, vertigo, fibromyalgia, torticollis, and post-surgical diagnosis including but not limited to spine, total joint replacements, shoulders, hands, knees and hips.

We also specialize in Women's Health Physical Therapy, headaches, migraines and chronic pain.

Our team is qualified to evaluate and cast for orthotics and has also assisted many triathletes and marathoners in the past.

Pain Reduction

We accept all health insurance plans


worker's compensation insurance!


Justin GIlbert, PT

     Physical Therapist

   For Appointments 919.730.0049

Jennifer Waddell, MSPT, CLT

     Certified Lymphedema Therapist

     Physical Therapist

     For Appointments 603.743.8790

Sarah A. Monks, MSPT

     Physical Therapist

  For Appointments 207.475.4166