Certified Lymphedema Therapist,
    Certified Occupational Therapist

W. Justin Gilbert, PT
   Physical Therapist

Sarah A. Monks, MSPT                                   Physical Therapist

Our Practice

Meet Our Team

We are a Private, Group Practice of highly experienced therapists located in Kittery, Maine for more than ten years.

Your Atlantic Rehab appointment is a dedicated, One-On-One time with your therapist, who is focused ONLY ON YOU.

You have set aside time in yoru busy day for therapy, it is YOUR time to work with YOUR therapist.

This makes Atlantic Rehab & Lymphedema Center unlike corporate or hospital based therapy clinics where therapists juggle multiple patients at the same time, or see you for only 30 mintues of your 1 hour appointment.

Our clinic is designed to provide a warm, comfortable, relaxing, home-like environment in which you can focus on your healing and therapy.

Everyone on our staff is dedicated to helping you address your own, personal therapy goals and needs.

The goal is not to treat just your symptoms, but to treat your body as a system and to restore it to optimal balance and function.

    Doctor of Physical Therapy,
   Certified Athletic Trainer,        
   Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Jerry Parrotta, PT                                   Physical Therapist