Occupational Therapy

Injured hand
Conditioning & Exercise

Adaptive Devices


We offer upper extremity rehab including shoulder/elbow/wrist and hand therapy.

Our clinic offers all the most effective treatment approaches including modalities for pain reduction, home exercise programs and one-on-one exercise training to improve your recovery and prepare you to return to independence in your self-care and care of your home and work activities.

Ergonomic and work-site evaluations are available as well as work-site modifications.


We also have many resources to provide you with adaptive equipment, splints or protective garments to promote independence and joint protection in all self-care, home, work and sports activities.


Pain Reduction

Worker's Compensation Rehab

We accept all health insurance plans


worker's compensation insurance!


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Donna L. Catalfo (Hunt), OTR/L, CLT

     Certified Occupational Therapist

     Certified Lymphedema Therapist