Oncology Rehab


Early detection is critical for improving survival rates for breast cancer patients.  PT/OTs play a vital role as part of the multidisciplinary team when treating the cancer patient.  


As therapists, it is our job is to ensure that our patient’s quality of life during treatment is impacted as little as possible


Following treatment, it is our job to restore and ensure that the patient may thrive after completion of their cancer treatments. 

We work with our patients to help them navigate the cancer journey at all stages of treatment. 


Worker's Compensation Rehab

Our Comprehensive Cancer Rehab Program consists of;

  • Pre-habilitation evaluation (prior to surgery),
  • Post surgical consult,
  • Education on lymphedema risk reduction,
  • Instruction in exercises
  • Pain management,
  • Fatigue management (exercise, conservation strategies),
  • Post reconstruction management.

Pre-Habilitation Evaluation;

The Pre-habilitation evaluation is performed before cancer surgery.

The evaluation includes a full musculoskelatal evalution, Range of Motion (ROM) assessment, baseline measurements for edema detection, lymphedema risk reduction education, instruciton and demonstration of post-operative stretching exercises.

Following Surgery;

Our therapists will contact you at 2 weeks post-op to check on your status. 

At that time, a we will recommend scheduling a follow-up appointment for one month post surgery

At the one-month follow-up appointment, we will perform a re-assessment of range of motion, limb measurements, pain and current level of function

Your therapist may be able to visit you at home on a case to case basis. 

If you are not having any issues with edema, pain, or loss of motion there will be no need for any further PT/OT services. 

Physical or Occupational Therapy;

You may need Physical or Occupational therapy if you are showing symptoms of any of the following;

  • Axillary web syndrome (causes pain, restricts motion)
  • Abnormal post surgical edema (signs of lymphedema)
  • Adhesions or restriction of tissue following surgery
  • Scar management when appropriate

If you have any questions regarding Oncology Rehab and if it may be an effective treatment for you,

please call us at (207) 703-0072


ask your physician to fax a referral to (207) 703-0199.

Referral forms may be downloaded from the Providers page.